The Augusta Tech lending library allows students to check out books, codes, and laptops on a semester basis. Qualified students have access to the technology necessary to succeed in the classroom with our Lending Laptop program- students must apply using their 900 number, student schedule, and student account summary. Students can also apply to the library's CARES lending program if enrolled in the following classes: 

  • BIOL-2113/L: Anatomy & Physiology w/ Lab I 
  • BIOL-2114/L: Anatomy & Physiology w/ Lab II 
  • BIOL-2117: Introduction to Microbiology w/ Lab 
  • BUSN-1100: Introduction to Keyboarding 
  • BUSN-1300: Introduction to Business 
  • BUSN-1320: Business Interaction Skills 
  • EMPL-1000: Interpersonal Relations and Professional Development
  • MATH-1111: College Algebra w/ MyMath Lab 
  • SOCI-1101: Introduction to Sociology 
  • THEA-1101: Theater Appreciation 

To apply for these programs - click the links below.