All students and community patrons are required to sign in before using the library and its services. Augusta Technical College students must have a valid student ID to use the study rooms or check out material(s).

Community Members

Augusta Technical College welcomes all adult visitors and members of the community who are over 18 years of age to visit the library. All visitors and community patrons are required to sign in before using the library and its services. Visitors and patrons may not check out library resources but may use the available resources in-house during the regular hours of operation. Computers are available for use upon signing in and presenting identification to library staff. One public computer is available on a first-come, first-served basis and limited to one hour per day. Printing is available for .25 cents per page in black/white and 2.00 per page in color. There is a twenty-five-page print limit per day. Copy machines are also available for use for .10 cents per page. All library visitors and patrons must abide by the College and library policies. 

Use of Library Computers

The primary purpose of the library is to serve its students, faculty, and staff. Although visitors are welcomed, ITC reserves the right to limit access or otherwise restrict the use of our facilities, collections, and services. Augusta Tech Library PCs should be used for research and course-related activities.

Printing Costs - Students

Students can print, scan and copy authorized material(s). Within the library, there are two printers and two copiers. The current library fees are .05₵ a page for black and white prints and 50₵ a page for color. Any copies can be made for 10₵ a page.  

Children & Young Adults

The Library is unable to serve children under eighteen (18) years of age unless that student is dual-enrolled at Augusta Technical College. Students, faculty, staff, and public adult patrons are not allowed to bring minors into the ITC/Library. This policy is in accordance with TSCG Procedure 4.3.2p7 labeled Children in the Workplace. The State of Georgia (through its benefits and leave programs) and the Technical College of Georgia (TCSG) (through employment-related policies, procedures, and programs) seek to provide a work-life balance that is supportive of employees and their families. The TCSG cannot, however, permit the continued or reoccurring presence of children in the workplace due to potential legal liability, health and safety concerns, and/or the potential disruption to other employees and/or to TCSG operations. For these reasons, children may not be brought to the workplace except in the circumstances referenced in Paragraph VI.A.1 Child: any individual under the age of eighteen (18). General Provisions: 1. A child may not be brought to the workplace except in the following circumstances: a. an emergency situation referenced in Paragraph VI.A.7.; b. when a child is enrolled in a technical college’s child enrichment center or group daycare home; c. when a child is participating in a technical college dual enrollment program or in a live-work project (e.g., as a client receiving dental hygiene or cosmetology services).

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