Perspective Students
The Augusta Techincal College Dual Enrollment program is open to qualified students through TCSG (Technical College System of Georgia). Interested students should contact or visit the Augusta Technical College Dual Enrollment landing page for more information.

Current Students
Any student who is actively enrolled in the dual enrollment program should check their syllabus and refer to the required materials listed on the campus bookstore website. If students are enrolled in eCampus courses - contact the library if your book is not listed on the campus bookstore website. 

Textbooks will be picked up at the campus those students are taking classes. 

Dual Enrollment Contacts

Campus Bookstore

Dual Enrollment College Directory

Dual Enrollment students are to report to the library to receive their textbooks or codes. The Augusta Technical College library purchases e-Textbooks whenever possible and may not have physical books on hand in place of e-texts.

Students may self-pay for tuition, fees, and books if:

  • The student chooses to enroll in a course, not on the Dual Enrollment Course Directory.
  • The student is not eligible for the Dual Enrollment Funding Program due to grade level requirements.
  • The student is not enrolled in an eligible or participating high school.

Due Dates
Lending materials for Dual Enrollment students do not have flexible due dates. Students are required to return their textbooks and/or codes by the date stamped on their material. 

Optional Materials and Lost or Damaged Items
As of 2022 students may incur charges for specific course-related fees, such as a lab fee, books considered optional, lost or damaged books, and workbooks or study guides. In the case of a lost or damaged item, a hold will be placed on the student's account if the material is over $75.