Grammar Resources

Students have access to free staff taught tutoring in the Success Center. If you would like an appointment, to schedule a 30 minutes session click the cougar! 

Augusta Technical Success Center Link 

Free PDF resources for students:

PDF iconThe Grammar Guide.pdf

PDF iconOxford Guide to English Grammar.pdf

Free online resources for writing: 

Grammarly Link Create an account and start writing. The online platform will save your work as you write, the program will suggest new vocabulary and will catch grammar mistakes. 

Hemmingway Editor LinkThe Hemmingway Editor allows students to write their essays and edit, showing students their use of passive voice and readability.


Online Textbook Databases

Not only do students have access to Augusta Tech's variety of databases, but students can also use the links below to find more open source textbooks and information.

OpenStax LinkOpenstax: Part of the Rice University 501c(3) nonprofit.

OpenTextbook Library LinkOpenTextbook Library: Licensed by authors and publishers to be freely used and adapted. Download, edit and distribute them at no cost.


Online Research Databases

Google Scholar LinkGoogle Scholar: Online database that houses thousands of articles and peer-reviewed journals.


Microsoft Cheat Sheets

Access: Information management tool similar to Excel.

PDF iconAccess.pdf

Excel: Spreadsheet program that can present tables of values. Data entered into the program can also be manipulated with mathematical formulas.

PDF iconExcel.pdf

Outlook: Students can use outlook to keep in contact with Professors and other students however Outlook also functions as a calendar and task management system. 

PDF iconOutlook.pdf

PowerPoint: Presentation software that allows students to create visual references for projects.

PDF iconPowerPoint.pdf

Windows 10: An operating system that houses Microsoft software.

PDF iconWindows 10.pdf

Word: Word processing software.

PDF iconWord.pdf


Google Cheat Sheets

Google Classrooms: An online program that streamlines information from teachers to students.

PDF iconGoogle Classroom (Students).pdf

PDF iconGoogle Classroom (Teachers).pdfPDF iconGoogle Classroom (Teachers).pdf

Google Docs: Online word processer. 

PDF iconGoogle Docs.pdf

Google Drive: Cloud storage system that allows students to work remotely.

PDF iconGoogle Drive.pdf

Google Forms: A survey administrator, students can create and distribute a questionnaire to gather research information. 

PDF iconGoogle Forms.pdf

Google Meet: Video communication service.

PDF iconGoogle Meet.pdf

Google Sheets: Online spreadsheet editor.

PDF iconGoogle Sheets.pdf

Google Slides: Online presentation editor that allows students to save their work on Google Drive to take anywhere. 

PDF iconGoogle Slides.pdf



Computer Basics

PDF iconComputer Basics.pdf


PDF iconCybersecurity.pdf


PDF iconZoom.pdf